Call to Save Our Postal Service

Postal workers are keeping our country moving and US economy working for us during this time of crisis - getting prescriptions delivered to people sheltering in place, making e-commerce possible and keeping families connected.  It is the emergency distribution system when our country is in crisis.

On Friday, May 15, the House of Representatives approved $25 billion for the Post Office and hazard pay for postal workers in its new stimulus bill.

We have taken a huge step forward in our battle to save the Post Office, but we can’t stop yet; there’s much more to do.

It's time for our senators to show whose side they are on. Make a call now!

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Tell your senator to support the urgent stimulus funding for the Postal Service.

On Friday, May 15, the House of Representatives passed its stimulus bill - the HEROES Act. The Bill included $25 billion in support for the Postal Service, a $10 billion line of credit without the strings that were attached to previous credit, and hazard pay for postal and other essential frontline workers.

This is an important bill, but we expect fierce opposition from the White House and Senate leadership.

Instead of welcoming this opportunity to support the Post Office, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, called funding the Postal Service a "pet priority." President Trump has threatened to veto the funding.

But, our public Postal Service is a lifeline to millions, not a “pet priority.” We CAN win this fight, but those comments show that we’re going to have leave it all on the field to save the Post Office.

Make a call now:

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