A message and THANK YOU to you from President Edwards

Dear Sister and Brothers:

We are all doing our best. The labor movement is more important than ever in our history.

Your leadership, your tireless work is saving lives, keeping people safe, securing resources for your members and helping everyone navigate through this crisis. THANK YOU.

The Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO continues to respond to our labor community and continue our daily work. We update our website daily and pack it with every resource we can locate. Please use it, put the resources on your social media and direct your members to our site, www.mddcaflcio.org. We are also posting to our Facebook (Facebook.com/mddcaflcio) updates and resources for workers to access.

The AFL-CIO is doing great work at keeping workers in front of the national discussion and maintaining contact with State Federations. President Trumka is in the news as well as many of our national affiliates’ presidents. Our lobbyist teams are working daily with Congress to develop the 4th Stimulus package that focuses on health care, state and local governments and larger, stronger financial support for workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic‘s rapidly growing ever changing terrain shifts constantly. It is difficult to traverse through the barrage of information filling our emails and text messaging. I have avoided adding to the tremendous workload you are carrying. However, we will be sending pertinent information via email and requesting feedback from you starting next week.

Like you, I have nonstop conference calls, texts and emails mostly asking for help or announcing new resources available as well as all our regular meetings.  I have direct access to experts that can answer your members’ questions about UI, Food Stamps and Public Assistance applications.  Please do not hesitate to call or text me at (410) 913-7235 for any assistance.  I am in daily contact with Legislators, AFL-CIO leadership and staff and weekly with Congressional offices/elected.  I will do deep dives to get you answers.

We need to share and compare best practices and have each other to lean forward together as we march through this critical point. We all know that the health emergency is only the beginning of a long-term financial disaster for multitudes of workers and many of our unions will be needing relief as well. Our local communities and state budgets will be wrecked by the cost of increased needs and reduce tax revenues. All of this culminates to our next challenge as labor leaders and being prepared.

I am asking that you share with us all of the pertinent information you are receiving from your National Leadership so that we can fully provide every sector with current information. I also want to know about your challenges and victories so that we can share and build with each other to have a major positive impact for workers.

The AFL-CIO is asking us to identify a COVID-19 coordinator in each of our Locals so that labor can truly work in tandem through the coming weeks and support each other’s efforts. Please forward to us the name of your contact for COVID-19 activities.

This is our time to work collaboratively, share ideas and concerns, and ready our unions for a successful recovery. Please take this opportunity to share with our broader labor community.

My wish for each and all is to be well and still kicking butt on anyone who doesn’t get that it is WORKERS and their UNIONS who are keeping this country running and driving tomorrow’s recovery.

Your sister,