Tri-County COPE adopts MD State and DC AFL-CIO Resolution #9, Workers Bill of Rights

Tri-County Committee on Political Education (COPE), a splinter group of the Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO has adopted Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO Resolution #9, Workers Bill of Rights.  Details were circulated as follows...........................

As has been discussed in our previous meetings, the Tri County C.O.P.E. has adopted the MD DC AFL CIO Resolution # 9, Worker's Bill of Rights, as a basic platform for vetting political candidates and legislators. This is the platform for all that seek to be recommended for endorsement by the Tri-County C.O.P.E. to adhere to and support in voice and action through legislation.

As always each Local Union, Council or Labor Organization can ask for specific legislation, support or action as it pertains to there Union, Jurisdiction or Craft. But as a group going forward to have combined meetings, attendance to fund raisers and a cohesive coalition of the different Labor Unions in the legislative process and to become a political force as a whole in the Southern MD Counties of Charles, Calvert and St. Mary's the Worker's Bill of Rights shall be agreed to. The Tri County C.O.P.E. is also requesting the DC Council and the State Federation add Resolution #9 to the questionnaire with a straight yes or no answer for candidates seeking endorsement from Organized Labor. See full list of MD State and DC AFL-CIO Resolutions adopted at the 32nd Biennial Convention here.