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In an effort to secure passage of labor's bills and dealing with an early adjournment in the legislature, President Edwards and Legislative/Political Director, Chuck Cook remain at the forefront, d

Below are resources and guidance for affiliate unions about the COVID-19 pandemic, and recommendations from your national/international unions to limit its impact on

Recent News

President Edwards' submitted a letter to Maryland legislators regarding labor's requests in managing COVID-19.  The letter addressed to Speaker Jones and Senate President Ferguson read as follows:

The Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (C.O.P.E.) met Monday, March 9 to act on recommendations for U.S. Congress. 

The C.O.P.E. committee voted unanimously to endorse the following candidates:

District 1Allison Galbraith / Website:

Take Action

The labor movement is working nonstop to ensure workers devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic receive the protections and support needed during this challenging time. Get involved and make sure the needs of working people are heard.